Teacher’s Observation Guide

The Teacher's Observation Guide shows you how to observe and record a child’s development and behavior and plan educational activities. It covers social development, self help, gross motor, fine motor, language and school readiness skills.

The Teacher's Observation Guide Booklet describes behaviors of infants, toddlers and preschool-age children (340 items). It can be used repeatedly to observe and assess the child’s development at different ages. This provides an ongoing record of the child’s development from infancy to school age. For example, some preschools and day-care programs ask teachers to record each child's skills monthly on the Teacher's Observation Guide. They use different colors or symbols each month and can easily track progress or flag problems or delays.

Teacher’s concerns about the child’s social adjustment/behavior problems, maturity, motor and language development are included at the bottom of each page. There is also an area to recognize additional skills.

Sample TOG Booklet

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