Child Development Inventory - for toddlers and preschoolers

When a child’s development concerns parents or professionals, use the CDI to obtain the parent’s detailed report of the child’s present skills and possible problems and answer questions about a child’s school readiness.

Parents complete the 300 item questionnaire at home or in your office and report their observations of the child’s behavior. It measures the child’s present development in eight areas:
social, self-help, gross motor, fine motor, expressive language, language comprehension, letters, and numbers. It also includes a General Development Scale and 30 items to identify parent’s concerns about their child’s health and growth, vision and hearing, development and behavior.

CDI reports are closely related to test results and teachers’ observations. They also relate to school readiness and children’s placement in early childhood special education.

Sample CDI - Page one of CDI Booklet     Sample CDI Profile

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Originally used for both screening and assessment, the CDI has since been determined too long for groups of presumably “normal” children (for screening, see the CDR - Parent Questionnaire).

If parental literacy is an issue, contact us for “Interview Instructions” so you can conduct a developmental interview using the CDI content.

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